Why can't all of our little humans be smart?

For real, why cant they?

For years I have heard people talk about how smart their little humans are. Little Johnny knows this, so I am pretty sure he is a genius, Little Shelia knows this, so she must be the smartest human in her class, and Little Gwen knows this so she is most definitely going to be a big deal some day!

All I can remember thinking (pre little human) was: get real people, your human probably isn't as smart as you think they are. I am pretty sure you are just exaggerating.

Then I became THAT parent! Dude my little human is so smart, I am pretty sure he knows enough to get into Kindergarten and hes only 2!....Ohh man, that just happened! I have officially become a parent!

I have been very cautious never to make my thoughts know to other parents hence they judge me like I so judged others. I didn't want them to talk about me behind my back and OH MY GOSH what if they say my human is not smart! I will have to throw dowwwwnnnn!!! But the truth is:

WHO CARES!!! Who cares what they think!!! If you think your little human is the smartest person on the planet.....good for you! Its our job to raise the next generation of politicians, doctors, lawyers, teachers, etc. We want them ALL to be smart and they can be. We are here to instill good morals and positive thinking in our humans. We are here to teach them how to hold doors for others, say please and thank you, and to follow their dreams!

We need to show them they can become anything they want to be. AND its our jobs as parents to support each other NOT bring each other down. We don't have to be different to set ourselves apart!

So, next time your little human wants to ask you 20 questions; take a deep breath and take the time to answer them. Your knowledge is your little humans power if you choose to give it to them.

Signing off
✌ Duces!

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