Sometimes it's just that simple!

Today I had one of those conversations with my three year old that make you laugh until you literally pee your pants. It was one of those talks so deep and so filled with knowledge that I couldn't help but listen with encouragement and giggles. This has been one of many talks about.... the body part that expels poop and the stinky stuff that comes out. 🙈💩💩💩

I mean they have to learn about bathroom relief at some point, right? Well our 3 year old has been potty trained since he was two......I give him all of the credit for this by the way, and he has never shied away from talking about it.

Today was the icing on the cake though. Today I learned all about holes!!! I learned that my 3 year old human has a hole in front where he pees AND a VERY BIG hole in the back where he poops. He then proceeded to bend over and say look at this hole mom, it opens and closes. Ummmm ok Fred....Mom did you see mom look. Dude put your underwear on. 🚽🍑🤔

Underwear on, this little human then tells his one year old brother and me how very large his poops are (I am pretty sure I have never seen poops come out of a toddler that big) and how the bigger he gets, the bigger his poops will be. Dear God I hope not!!!! I will need a new plunger every month!!!!

Now that you have had your daily dose of poop, because we know the conversation ALWAYS goes there, I hope you have an amazing day and a HAPPY 4th of July

Signing off
Duces ✌