Oh my gosh, what was that? (The dog)  Did you hear that mom? (Sure did, sounded like Kal farting) Eekkk what was that noise? (The dogs tail).  Yup, you guessed it, we are at "that" wondrous stage in our lives. Our little human has discovered the big bad monster that we all know and love. He hears him EVERYWHERE!!

I have heard about this stage and read up a little bit but now that its here.....well my adulting skills are very much lacking. Below are the ideas that we have entertained:

Monster Spray - Bad because this supposedly  teaches them there may possibly be real monsters lurking. My personal mom skills say, go for it, you do what you need to do.

Co sleeping - This could teach them it's ok to sleep in your bed ALL of the time and I very much believe we have our own beds for a reason. This is for my saftey AND my little humans. I don't prefer to get kicked in the face every 2 minutes and I'm very sure my little human doesn't want to get shoved off the bed!!!!!

Sitting with them for an extended period of time - NO adulting gets done with this option. Kind of nice you say, sure! But when there is no clean underwear left, there are toys scattered everywhere, and dinner dishes to get washed........ adulting becomes a must. 

Doing nothing - Well I'm pretty sure this would not work for any human. How do you possibly do nothing?

Well adult humans,  I am here to tell you there is no right thing to do. You mix it up and try your best to do what works for you and your little human. No one day is the same in our monster infested hideout. 

Right now we are watching Rescuers and he says, oh look at that spooky ship mom. Ohhhh creepy look at those trees!!! Well, looks like I'm sitting here a little longer. #notadultingtonight

Signing off for now
#smile "Its good for the soul"
Duces ✌

Bathroom Adventures

Let me tell you a little story about an adorable 4 year old. He is smart, vicarious, and oh so hilarious. Everything from making funny noises, to running around like I fed him a tub of sugar, to bodily functions is funny to this little human. Well I am assuming it is to MOST little humans this age...... And if we are being truthful, to most adult humans as well :)

So our little human has been potty trained since he was 2 but........he really doesn't like to wipe his own rear end. He acts like his arms have magically fallen off and there is no possible way that he can wipe that thing. Moooooommmm, Daaaaaaad can you please come wipe this tooter of mine so that I can get back to playing!!!!! 

Side note:  I am pretty sure when mom or dad are not around, those magical arms glue themselves back on and he does an excellent job.

Lately he has been doing a pretty good job at home doing the deed and wiping his own back side!!! The kicker to this happy ending though goes something like this:

Hey Mom, Hey Dad I just went poooooooop.
Ok kiddo, make sure you wipe that thing and wash your hands.
Ok............a minute or two goes by...........MOM!!! DAD!!! Look at me! I have a tail!! "wiggle" "wiggle".

Sure enough, I turn around and that little human has a wad of toilet paper stuck in his butt and he is waddling around like a duck. O....M....G little human, get that poop stained wad out of your butt!! Lets not get poop all over this house AND yourself today.

His response you ask: Ugggh I guess.......
You guess? I say as I turn around and once again find that tooter sky high.
Now will you check to make sure I got it all???

Oh man little dude, I guess I will.



Every once in a while you need some time to regroup and rejuvenate yourself……well at least I hope you do. It’s definitely not only great for the relationships in your life, it amazing for the soul. 

Well, I took my time and now I am back and ready to entertain you with bigger, better, and even funnier stories!

Stay tuned as Season 2 of the Craig household comes to you in high def!

#smile It's great for the soul