Those Nasty Green Things

Let’s get real about boogers today! Let’s DIG in and explore the wonders of that magical boogey.
ALL humans have them, but adult humans understand that there is a place and time to either pick their nose OR use a tissue………well…… most adult humans understand this concept.
But little humans……they LOVE to pick, eat, and laugh about those nasty things. We got lucky in the fact that human number 1 does NOT participate in number two (EAT), so far.  I know this because I asked him the other day if I should make him a booger sandwich. He looked at me with the biggest eyes and said: GROSS MOM!!!!!

While we may have escaped the boogey eater, we do have the occasional boogey picker. I blame myself for this. Maybe this is pre-mature, but I am hoping as Moms….and possibly Dads, that we have all grabbed for a couple of those snot rockets at one time or another. And, if I am alone in this, now you all know my deepest darkest secrets :O

But the other day I noticed our little human digging like his life depended on it:

Get your finger out of your nose; do you need a Kleenex?

I’m not picking my nose mom; I am getting ride of my boogey traps.

Ok, well isn’t that the same thing?

Nope these are the traps that keep my boogies in there.

Oh, well that’s interesting, I thought those were just the crusted boogers that dried on your nose. 

Nope, your wrong mom but I’ll take a Kleenex to blow the boogies out now.

#Smile, Its good for the Soul

Tata for now

Duces ✌



Let’s play a game. It’s called I spy. My little humans LOVE this game.

What keeps millions of humans entertained every day, can become a time suck, but provides an outlet for very important information? Have you figured it out yet?

Your right, Television!!!

Each and everyday millions of humans watch hours of TV. When is it too much and how are we using it to educate our little humans? There is SOOO much out there and SOOO much to worry about as a parent!! The struggle is TRULY for real!!!!!


Well, about a month ago my little human used the word Cataclysmic. You guys I couldn’t even spell that word correctly!! I looked at him with shock and Ahhhh
Ummm where did you hear that little human? From “Ladybug” One of the shows he gets to watch about a superhero. So, I asked him what it meant. He knew how to use it in a sentence but couldn’t explain what it meant, so I took the time to educate. We used our kids dictionary and looked up what this REALLY BIG WORD meant. 

You see, it’s not ALL about how much TV they watch, its about taking the time to teach them what they are learning about. It’s about listening when you humans have questions and making sure to answer them honestly. It’s about finding what they like and challenging them.  

Most days I have absolutely no idea what I am doing and I am pretty sure I am going to cause them some sort of PTSD from their childhood, but those days in between……well I hope I am encouraging them to think outside of the box.

Until next time. #smile, it’s great for the soul!
Duces ✌
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