What I want my Little Humans to know

I bet you read that title and thought, Whoa, this I going to get deep!! Well yes and no :) I will make this post short and sweet.

The last year of our lives has been a whirlwind of events. My husband went back to school to complete his Bachelors in Accounting, all while working full time and still helping ALOT with the little humans, we had a new baby almost a year ago now, we committed to renting a cabin on the lake, definitely one of the best decisions, and have had some interesting medical moments; to be discussed at a later time. And you know what.....with all that was going on we THRIVED!!! We learned to love every minute of our time together and were able to enjoy some much needed family time!

I have always had big things in mind for our little humans, but most of all I want them to know and understand 4 things:
  • I want our humans to know hard work. When you work hard and dedicate yourself to something, your future is endless
  • I want our humans to know success. With hard work comes success and with success you can dream big!
  • I want our humans to know opportunity! I want them to see and experience things. Things we would not be able to provide had we not gotten out of debt. Things they get to experience because their parents worked their butts off to provide it to them.
  • Lastly, I want our humans to know kindness. Just because we have it doesn't mean we can't loose it. We treat ourselves and others with respect and show them the love and respect we want in return.
I can only hope through our lives and our lessons we have shown our children a better path and that they will learn to grow and become amazing people!


As my husband always said: I'm living the dream! So go live yours!

Signing Off
Duces ✌

Bring in the Reinforcements

Lets start this post off with a little fact about myself. Are you ready for this.......I AM THE WORLD'S BEST DO IT YOURSELFER!!. I mean it! I can do everything myself!

OK now take a look at this title, you see it? Funny how the WORLDS BEST DO IT YOURSELFER is writing a blog about bringing in the reinforcements. What happened to " I CAN DO IT MYSELF"?

Well the story goes something like this:
One day I magically brought a little human into this world. He was full of snuggles and cute little facial expressions and had the amazing baby smell we all know so well. He was the light of my life!! Then came the sleeping...........Oh I mean lack of sleeping, feeding, changing, and cleaning! And who's job do you think I thought that would be......MINE and mine alone.  I mean, I am super mom and can do everything....RIGHT???? I wouldn't want to inconvenience anyone else....WOULD I???


If you think you can do it all yourself or that you even HAVE to...please think again. Take a look around you....I mean a real good look... Do you see that? Those people who have their hands raised or those asking if you need anything? Yes, them. They WANT to help! No for real, they do!

Next time someone says they will come over and hold your little human so you can take a nap, DO IT! Next time someone tells you to sit and eat and they will watch your human for a bit....DO IT!! Maybe someone offers to hold your little human so you can just take a peaceful shower, TAKE THE OFFER! And next time someone offers to watch your human so you can have a night of....you better get dressed up and get your butt out of the house! Its OKAY to take the help!

With human number 1, I tried to do it ALL. I smeared that smile on my face and acted like all was fine. I refused others help and ended up grumpy and tired and feeling alone. Girls! Your husbands want to help! Mine sat by patiently as I turned away his help for so long! He sat by and jumped in when he could so that I could take a short rest. This big dumb mom HAD the help and she kept telling him "I GOT IT". Umm girl no you don't! We made this human together we can take care of this human TOGETHER!.

It takes a village to raise these human things! Use them so your humans can learn LOVE, COMPASSION, AND PATIENCE from others around you. Your humans can still be STRONG, SMART, AND INDEPENDENT humans with others help! I promise....not only will you be happier and more refreshed taking time for yourself but you can now "LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE"

So next time someone asks you if you need anything............jump up and say "YOU BET I DO, THANK YOU FOR ASKING!!

Signing Off

My Favorite Person....Dad, Hubby, Tails, Splinter
Our support system (Uncle John)

Our support system (Grandpa Joe)

Our support system (Grandma Karen)

Our support system (Grandpa Kip)

Our support system (Auntie Nikki)

Our support system (Grandma Mary)

I put my symptoms in WebMD and it told me "You just have kids"

When I first got pregnant I was so excited to read ALL of those pregnancy books and I was most definitely determined to be the PERFECT parent. My little human would sleep like it was his job and he would eat absolutely everything I put in front of him AND he would never throw a temper tantrum. Oh an he would be the smartest most well mannered little human. I know, I sound completely naΓ―ve but we can all day dream.

Well first let me tell you there is no such thing as the perfect parent. Let me say this again.....THERE ....IS.....NO.....PERFECT.....PARENT.  There, now you are free to be yourself and let your little human run around naked pretending to be Captain Underpants; even when you have company. Drop, blow off, and eat that cracker that fell on the ground, mess up your place of living, and be weird in public. I mean it....its OK!!!

I don't know if every parent feels the stress of being perfect or if this is just me pushing myself to the edge. I have always been harder on myself than anyone could ever be on me, which definitely makes this parenting thing harder.

I do think that society has gotten better about portraying the REAL parent. We are tired, a little messy, not always put together, we sometimes curse at our kids and at life; but we LOVE our kids and would do anything to see them succeed in this crazy world.

I will tell you that my house feels messy and clutter a lot of the time. There is a never ending supply of laundry that ALWAYS has to be done, and I am always stressing if my little human is learning what he should for his age. Oh and he now has developed an attitude where he thinks he knows everything there is to know and he tries to tell me what to do (I have recently learned this is called a "threenager").
Dinner takes 2 hours because talking is WAY more interesting than the food in front of him and bed time is an ever changing thing.

So what I am trying to say here is. BE YOU!! Parent your way and leave the rest behind. I found the attached image/saying and thought it was perfect for this post.

Signing off

The day I swore at my little human!🀫

Let's start this by saying I have always made a real effort not to swear around my little humans. I shushed those that did and felt bad for the days I unknowingly swore.

But life with a 3 year old rocks your world! Life with a 3 year old teaches you patience you have never known you had, as well as frustration like you have never experienced. That shit boils up in you and you have no way to let it out other than by letting out that long waited...fuuuuuuucccccckkkk. Now on with my story:

I remember the day in all its glory!!! It was a Monday, SWIMMING LESSON DAY!!! Every Monday I get to take my little human to swimming lessons. He doesn't particularly like swimming lessons but he doesn't seem to mind it all that much either.

This particular day we got to go hang out with his Aunt DD and Uncle Ed (not their real names, I just liked them πŸ€—) and play for a bit before swimming. Let's interrupt this story for a lesson:

Parent Fail #1: NO little human likes to leave ANYWHERE when they are having fun......let me tell you again...no little human likes to leave a place of fun.

Well as you saw above he was having fun and the dreaded words came out of my Big Dumb Mom mouth....Let's get ready to head out. NOOOOOOOO. Now do I put out the fire and just let him stay OR do I pick a fight and get him to swimming? Choose wisely.....can you a guess what I did? I picked a fight. Long story short, it took us a few bribes and a lot of put your coat on human, put your coat on human, put your....coat...on....human.

We finally made it out the door in one piece and onto swimming lessons. No real tears and our sanity intact. Now onto swimming lessons. We walk in the locker room door and OH MY GOD here it comes.

Little Human: I DON'T WANT TO BE HERE!!!!!! 😭 Me: OK, lets go then Fred (this is his nick name..only used by me)
Little Human: I WANT TO GO TO SWIMMING Me: OK let's get dressed
Little Human: Not yet.

This went on for 10 minutes so finally I decided it was time to go. ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE. And I now looked like the person stealing a child.

Kicking, screaming, yelling for help, and crying big bucket tears. The whole thing. I WAS EMBARRASSED! I got home out to the car and I am pretty sure some guy thought about approaching me more than once to see if I was stealing this little human. NOPE sir he's mine but you can definitely have him right now.

We finally got all buckled in and he is still crying buckets and kicking and screaming and out it came. I never even knew it was there but it came flying out of my mouth faster then pumped up mom in spin class.

Why are you being an asshole!!!!

Oh my GOSH. I just swore......word vomit, here it comes again.......

Please stop being an asshole!!

Oh my GOSH, there it was again. Notice there are no capital letters here. I was 100% calm, so why did I just swear?

Well, shit happens. That's point behind this story. Shit happens and it's OK! Again, not perfect 🀫 but trying my best!

Signing off

The tantrum in all its glory. (I know, I'm awesome for capturing this moment! πŸ˜†)

Can I just glue my eyes shut?!

Do you need a TALL (I just slept for 8 hours) , GRANDE (4 to 5 hours isn't too bad), OR VENTI ( what the HELL is sleep!!)

Sleep is something you do when you DO NOT have little baby humans. I used to sleep! And when I slept, I slept like a champ! I would lay under my covers with my eyes shut, dreaming about some far off place and relaxing in sweet sweet bliss.......then I had little baby humans. WTF!!!!

My 3 1/2 year old didn't sleep through the night until he was 2 and then along came baby brother and well shoot he's up, why shouldn't we ALL be. I don't mean baby brother woke everyone up all night. I mean our oldest human decided well my brother cried so I think it's time to play.....NO ITS MOST DEFINITELY NOT!!!

Let me just start this next section off with, congratulations to all of you moms and dads out there that have tiny humans that sleep through the night. I mean that, that's amazing!! Whether you co sleep, let your tiny human cry it out, or you were just blessed with a little human that LOVES to sleep. I applaud you.

We were never a family that could let our minis cry it out. It made me cry myself and was more stressful than it was worth. I believe that my bed is my bed so co sleeping was out of the question and we were really not blessed with a human that liked to sleep.

So, for 2 years we got up at least once a night to either rock him to sleep or lay on the floor. Then after an extended period if time we would crawl out of the room as quietly as possible when we THOUGHT he was sleeping. All of you parents who have done this know that SLOW sloth like crawl across the floor. Hoping, Dear God PLEASE, don't hit that one creaky board hiding under the carpet.

Then that day came, that day everyone talks about, the one I thought was a myth....sleep! Welcome back my sweet friend!

Then baby #2 comes along and all sleep goes out the window again. Here we are, 10 months into Human number twos outside world living and we have managed a whole 4 hours of sleep a night......this week. Others are better but this week is especially awesome....NOT 😴πŸ˜₯. One day, this HOT mess of a mom will sleep again. And you know what I will be dreaming of.....not sure exactly, but I hope its AWESOME!!!

I don't tell you this to complain, I do not tell you this to feel sorry for me; because I don't!! I tell you my story because there are others out there like me. We are tired, our mommy/daddy brains are on point, and our appearance may not be perfect; and yeah we need that glass of wine at the end of the day, but dang it I wouldn't trade it for the world!
This is the 4th time he has come in here

This is me wondering when he will come in next

Why can't all of our little humans be smart?

For real, why cant they?

For years I have heard people talk about how smart their little humans are. Little Johnny knows this, so I am pretty sure he is a genius, Little Shelia knows this, so she must be the smartest human in her class, and Little Gwen knows this so she is most definitely going to be a big deal some day!

All I can remember thinking (pre little human) was: get real people, your human probably isn't as smart as you think they are. I am pretty sure you are just exaggerating.

Then I became THAT parent! Dude my little human is so smart, I am pretty sure he knows enough to get into Kindergarten and hes only 2!....Ohh man, that just happened! I have officially become a parent!

I have been very cautious never to make my thoughts know to other parents hence they judge me like I so judged others. I didn't want them to talk about me behind my back and OH MY GOSH what if they say my human is not smart! I will have to throw dowwwwnnnn!!! But the truth is:

WHO CARES!!! Who cares what they think!!! If you think your little human is the smartest person on the planet.....good for you! Its our job to raise the next generation of politicians, doctors, lawyers, teachers, etc. We want them ALL to be smart and they can be. We are here to instill good morals and positive thinking in our humans. We are here to teach them how to hold doors for others, say please and thank you, and to follow their dreams!

We need to show them they can become anything they want to be. AND its our jobs as parents to support each other NOT bring each other down. We don't have to be different to set ourselves apart!

So, next time your little human wants to ask you 20 questions; take a deep breath and take the time to answer them. Your knowledge is your little humans power if you choose to give it to them.

Signing off
✌ Duces!