Breath in....Breath out....Breath in.....

Breath in....breath out.....breath in....breath out.

These are the words I need to tell myself sometimes when putting our little humans to bed. Anyone else have trouble with bedtime routines??? Well we do and it can be down right terrible sometimes. I mean a glass of wine has never looked so good after some of these night time episodes!! Oh my gosh little human, is it really that hard to lay down, close your eyes, and dream of fluffy marshmallows????

Yup, apparently it is. Right now, my husband is currently cooing our little 3 year old human to bed because heaven forbid we shut the sound off of his TV, or give him the 20th hug, or we might have forgot a high five, ANDDDD he now needs a belly punk....OMG really, how long is this new nighttime ritual going to be little human?

So lets start at the beginning, because we have many rituals that we have gone through in our little humans small amount of time on this earth.

When our littlest human was a baby we tried to let him cry it out, quite a few times, but that little set of lungs held steady for at least an hour and would have DEFINITLY kept on screaming if we wouldn't have interrupted. I know some may have some really strong opinions on this. But for us crying it out didn't work. We resorted to rocking our little human to bed each night, which I can definitely say is soothing some days. Some days you just need those extra baby cuddles and some days you just need that extra glass of wine.

Fast forward a year or so and now he is in a big boy bed.... HECK YEAHHHH. He rocked the big boy bed. We thought he would be SOOOOO excited about his new bed he would sleep like champ....nope! This began the crossword, phone scrolling, and video watching era. We call this the floor era. We would lay on the floor and do our thing until the little human man fell asleep. Sometimes this was 5 minutes...these were the best days. Sometimes is was two hours...these were the days you walked away so frustrated you wanted to scream and stomp your feet. Sometimes we even fell asleep on that no so comfy floor, finding ourselves drooling and snoring only to be woken up when one of us realized how long it had been. Oh the days.

Now on to the next stage in our lives....the Twos!!! We have slowly moved away from the floor and now graduated to the stairs AND the possibility of running "errands" around the house. This was a VERY short lived stage. Soon we were having to hang in his room again, the tantrums got louder, and our time in his room was lasting almost 2 hours if not more each night....Oh did I mention we had a new born? I swear there were days I just wanted to run away! I mean I LOVE the heck out of my two humans but why is sleep so hard?

Now we are to the present where we have given in and put a TV in his room. Life has been civil in the Craig household. I definitely feel like it was the best decision we could have made even with all of our hesitation in doing this. I can actually have my glass of wine in peace and I can enjoy my husbands company once again!! But in the most recent months we have slacked in monitoring his TV time and life has become a fight again. Its a constant battle this parenting thing. If we don't shut off the sound he doesn't fall asleep until later and if we don't warn him before we shut the sound off he the debacle we are dealing with at the moment. My husband gets to deal with this one while I write.

Some days you ROCK this life and some days you just down right FAIL. But you know what, that's okay, as long as you know you need to pick yourself right back up and start again. Tomorrow I will be better about our nighttime routine and will go from there. That is the best I can do :)

Know you are doing the best. Know that you are a great parent. Know that while some may judge others are here to support you. Know that your little human will be okay and so will you!

Signing Off for now

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