Routine, Ticks, and Insanity

A world without routine.....what does that look like? In our day to day lives we all have some sort of routine.

I wake up at almost the same time each day, I take a shower, do my hair and make up, and then start getting the kids ready for the day. Then off to work I go!   THAT is my routine.

Now, let's take a look into the life my human child who has 8,000 things he MUST do before we leave each day.

First we need to give hugs and kisses (I love this part), then we need to give high fives, duces, peace out, knuckles, and lastly fireworks (ok, not so bad, even a little funny). THEN we move on to the routine he added like 5 months ago......let me ask you a question (what are you going to drive tomorrow.......this must be answered with some sort of construction vehicle) and tell you a statement. (ummm ok). Let's keep this insane routine moving; NOW we have progressed to silly faces (well not sure where this came from but we have had to limit to 2...nope 3....ummm like 5?) And lastly, he has tried to add what he calls Belly Punk ( YES, let's bump bellies. Did you grow up in another time human, where you drank beer and bumped bellies??) Ohhh let me also say 2 days ago he added foot kicks. DUDE!!

Our little human has always had some sort of routine he has had to accomplish. If I were to list them all out, this post would be miles long. Each time we break one another one follows in its place.  For now we resort to the above spectacle to keep the peace. This is one battle I have chosen not to fight.

Know that you are not alone in your day to day fight against routine and what some call "Ticks". I say, keep the peace and learn to have some fun with it. Life is too short to fight it and some of it's even kind of fun;)

Signing off

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