Cookie Monster

What is short, pasty white, has long hair and eats EVERYTHING?!?

Guess it yet…….yeah its my little human. The kid does not care about ANYTHING. The little viewing objects on his face see it and his brain makes the gratifying decision that this should definitely enter my mouth!

Human number one was not like this, what happened?

Christmas 2019 was the year our little human decided to eat one of the most shocking things of all. That wholesome morsel was just calling to him. I now wonder if he would just sit and stare at it wondering when the right time to slobber all over it was. That bright beautiful thing.

What is it you ask?!?


I mean who does that? Who just decides, well this has been here for a month so it MUST have been put here for me to eat!

I think this little human is going to give me a heart attack!

For those of you wondering, yes he is ok and no he didn’t damage anything or cut anything. He is lucky, I am lucky, but my stress level is not so lucky.

It’s a shorty but a goody today!

Signing off for now
Duces ✌
SMILE its good for the soul 😀

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