I am back……again……. and you know what, who knows how long it will last this time, but there is one thing I know……I LOVE writing and I miss it every time I take a break. You know what this means my human readers????? No matter how long I am gone or when I leave, I will ALWAYS come back!

Today brings you a fun filled story of our recent ride to my hometown. Well, let me take you back to the start of this crazy pandemic. We were those super crazy humans that DROVE to Florida and with shear will and determination we made it to Disney before it closed. We took VERY little breaks, but our little humans were things of amazement. Those little balls of crazy happiness not once asked: “are we there yet”. Well I guess my almost 2-year-old can’t really iterate those comments yet but the 4-year-old sure can. I was impressed!!! A 3-day drive, almost straight through, to Disney, and little complaints about it!

Fast forward to this last weekend. We decided to take a trip up to Alexandria, yes, I know this breaks quarantine protocol BUT we were careful and we limited our exposure to very minimal members of society! This 2-hour trip included snacks, movies, songs, and the feeling of togetherness. You want to guess what the difference was from this trip to our Florida trip? Go on take a guess……..those 4 words that each parent waits for…….ARE WE THERE YET?

For real little human? You made it ALL of the way to Florida without a peep of this legendary phrase but when we drive 2 hours north this is all you care about? All I could do was laugh and keep answering not yet little human, why don’t you watch your show a little more. Ok Mom!
Next time you are able to take a road trip, try to enjoy your time, even if it is packed with fighting, are we there yet, and loud complaints. We don’t get this forever and we have all felt the pain with this quarantine. Remember summer is here, minus the snow last weekend, and we can all spend our time outside. Keep safe my humans and know that I will always be here for you!

Signing off for now
SMILE its good for the soul 😜

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