Bring in the Reinforcements

Lets start this post off with a little fact about myself. Are you ready for this.......I AM THE WORLD'S BEST DO IT YOURSELFER!!. I mean it! I can do everything myself!

OK now take a look at this title, you see it? Funny how the WORLDS BEST DO IT YOURSELFER is writing a blog about bringing in the reinforcements. What happened to " I CAN DO IT MYSELF"?

Well the story goes something like this:
One day I magically brought a little human into this world. He was full of snuggles and cute little facial expressions and had the amazing baby smell we all know so well. He was the light of my life!! Then came the sleeping...........Oh I mean lack of sleeping, feeding, changing, and cleaning! And who's job do you think I thought that would be......MINE and mine alone.  I mean, I am super mom and can do everything....RIGHT???? I wouldn't want to inconvenience anyone else....WOULD I???


If you think you can do it all yourself or that you even HAVE to...please think again. Take a look around you....I mean a real good look... Do you see that? Those people who have their hands raised or those asking if you need anything? Yes, them. They WANT to help! No for real, they do!

Next time someone says they will come over and hold your little human so you can take a nap, DO IT! Next time someone tells you to sit and eat and they will watch your human for a bit....DO IT!! Maybe someone offers to hold your little human so you can just take a peaceful shower, TAKE THE OFFER! And next time someone offers to watch your human so you can have a night better get dressed up and get your butt out of the house! Its OKAY to take the help!

With human number 1, I tried to do it ALL. I smeared that smile on my face and acted like all was fine. I refused others help and ended up grumpy and tired and feeling alone. Girls! Your husbands want to help! Mine sat by patiently as I turned away his help for so long! He sat by and jumped in when he could so that I could take a short rest. This big dumb mom HAD the help and she kept telling him "I GOT IT". Umm girl no you don't! We made this human together we can take care of this human TOGETHER!.

It takes a village to raise these human things! Use them so your humans can learn LOVE, COMPASSION, AND PATIENCE from others around you. Your humans can still be STRONG, SMART, AND INDEPENDENT humans with others help! I promise....not only will you be happier and more refreshed taking time for yourself but you can now "LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE"

So next time someone asks you if you need anything............jump up and say "YOU BET I DO, THANK YOU FOR ASKING!!

Signing Off

My Favorite Person....Dad, Hubby, Tails, Splinter
Our support system (Uncle John)

Our support system (Grandpa Joe)

Our support system (Grandma Karen)

Our support system (Grandpa Kip)

Our support system (Auntie Nikki)

Our support system (Grandma Mary)

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