I put my symptoms in WebMD and it told me "You just have kids"

When I first got pregnant I was so excited to read ALL of those pregnancy books and I was most definitely determined to be the PERFECT parent. My little human would sleep like it was his job and he would eat absolutely everything I put in front of him AND he would never throw a temper tantrum. Oh an he would be the smartest most well mannered little human. I know, I sound completely naïve but we can all day dream.

Well first let me tell you there is no such thing as the perfect parent. Let me say this again.....THERE ....IS.....NO.....PERFECT.....PARENT.  There, now you are free to be yourself and let your little human run around naked pretending to be Captain Underpants; even when you have company. Drop, blow off, and eat that cracker that fell on the ground, mess up your place of living, and be weird in public. I mean it....its OK!!!

I don't know if every parent feels the stress of being perfect or if this is just me pushing myself to the edge. I have always been harder on myself than anyone could ever be on me, which definitely makes this parenting thing harder.

I do think that society has gotten better about portraying the REAL parent. We are tired, a little messy, not always put together, we sometimes curse at our kids and at life; but we LOVE our kids and would do anything to see them succeed in this crazy world.

I will tell you that my house feels messy and clutter a lot of the time. There is a never ending supply of laundry that ALWAYS has to be done, and I am always stressing if my little human is learning what he should for his age. Oh and he now has developed an attitude where he thinks he knows everything there is to know and he tries to tell me what to do (I have recently learned this is called a "threenager").
Dinner takes 2 hours because talking is WAY more interesting than the food in front of him and bed time is an ever changing thing.

So what I am trying to say here is. BE YOU!! Parent your way and leave the rest behind. I found the attached image/saying and thought it was perfect for this post.

Signing off

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