The day I swore at my little human!🤫

Let's start this by saying I have always made a real effort not to swear around my little humans. I shushed those that did and felt bad for the days I unknowingly swore.

But life with a 3 year old rocks your world! Life with a 3 year old teaches you patience you have never known you had, as well as frustration like you have never experienced. That shit boils up in you and you have no way to let it out other than by letting out that long waited...fuuuuuuucccccckkkk. Now on with my story:

I remember the day in all its glory!!! It was a Monday, SWIMMING LESSON DAY!!! Every Monday I get to take my little human to swimming lessons. He doesn't particularly like swimming lessons but he doesn't seem to mind it all that much either.

This particular day we got to go hang out with his Aunt DD and Uncle Ed (not their real names, I just liked them 🤗) and play for a bit before swimming. Let's interrupt this story for a lesson:

Parent Fail #1: NO little human likes to leave ANYWHERE when they are having fun......let me tell you little human likes to leave a place of fun.

Well as you saw above he was having fun and the dreaded words came out of my Big Dumb Mom mouth....Let's get ready to head out. NOOOOOOOO. Now do I put out the fire and just let him stay OR do I pick a fight and get him to swimming? Choose wisely.....can you a guess what I did? I picked a fight. Long story short, it took us a few bribes and a lot of put your coat on human, put your coat on human, put your....coat...on....human.

We finally made it out the door in one piece and onto swimming lessons. No real tears and our sanity intact. Now onto swimming lessons. We walk in the locker room door and OH MY GOD here it comes.

Little Human: I DON'T WANT TO BE HERE!!!!!! 😭 Me: OK, lets go then Fred (this is his nick name..only used by me)
Little Human: I WANT TO GO TO SWIMMING Me: OK let's get dressed
Little Human: Not yet.

This went on for 10 minutes so finally I decided it was time to go. ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE. And I now looked like the person stealing a child.

Kicking, screaming, yelling for help, and crying big bucket tears. The whole thing. I WAS EMBARRASSED! I got home out to the car and I am pretty sure some guy thought about approaching me more than once to see if I was stealing this little human. NOPE sir he's mine but you can definitely have him right now.

We finally got all buckled in and he is still crying buckets and kicking and screaming and out it came. I never even knew it was there but it came flying out of my mouth faster then pumped up mom in spin class.

Why are you being an asshole!!!!

Oh my GOSH. I just swore......word vomit, here it comes again.......

Please stop being an asshole!!

Oh my GOSH, there it was again. Notice there are no capital letters here. I was 100% calm, so why did I just swear?

Well, shit happens. That's point behind this story. Shit happens and it's OK! Again, not perfect 🤫 but trying my best!

Signing off

The tantrum in all its glory. (I know, I'm awesome for capturing this moment! 😆)

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