It's a true epidemic!!!

So let's talk about something really serious today....I mean I think its serious.

There is an epidemic out there and I think this needs to be addressed. I have held my tongue way to long............BATH TIME POOPING!!!

This is not your every once in a while bath time pooping, because we worked through that with our first. I remember it like it was yesterday. He needed a bath before everyone came over for Thanksgiving. He was splashing, kicking, and having a great time. Then I got "THE LOOK".  That, yup this is definitely happening adult human and you are going to have to clean it up. WTF is that.....a toy? OMG that's a turd!!!! Gross!!

Fast forward to human number two. This mini human LOVES the bath. He would sit in there for hours if you let him. But there is one VERY LARGE challenge with that. POOP! He does it 99% of the time he gets into that warm vat of H20. One minute he's having the time of his life, the next..........that warm clear vat of H20 is not longer clear. It's a cloudy mess of chunks and mush. Its 5 minutes human!!!! You can't even make it 5 minutes!!!!

I guess it's time to drain, wash, and refill for the second human. DEAR GOD let's hope he knows better by now NOT to fill this new clean H20 with his insides like his brother.  (Luckily He does 😉).

Let me know your stories because this mama is OVER vigorously scrubbing DoDo every other day.

Signing Off

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