Take me back!

The imagination of a child is a wondrous thing. They see and feel things we as adults have long forgotten. They create these amazing worlds with so much glow. I can only hope to catch a glimpse of that again! Their characters are fighters, heroes, villains and bakers. And there is no bound to their adventures.

My oldest human has one of the most creative and hilarious imaginations. His love of all characters big and small is intriguing and magical. Just last week he was Bumblebee, a big strong yellow transformer; then he became that lovely little red headed woodpecker that so lovingly sets up shop in my house....Woody the Woodpecker. Then we move on to Butterbean, who is a Baker. She cooks up some pretty amazing things, which I then get to help create in my kitchen......animal crackers, flour, salt, milk, and sugar sounds like a winning recipe!

Sonic and Capatin Underpants come out every once in awhile and they love to be in their underwear! Company or not, if he is sporting one of these guys, you better believe there are no clothes involved.

His latest and greatest? STARLA! Yup, you heard that correctly.....STARLA! Curious minds wonder where this very interesting name came from.......well Blaze and the Monster Machines of course! Ummmm why not Blaze? Well Starla is a bold, fast talking, purple Monster Truck. Oh duh why wouldn't you choose that one.......🤠😂

Whether he is a boy, a monster truck, a fairy who loves to bake, or a super hero I am so glad I get to experience this side of him. It wont last forever so you know what little human......you do you!

Signing off

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